With bird flu.

With bird flu. Preparation for bird flu outbreakView drugs information on Tamiflu capsule. Copyright: Medical News TodayAn EU spokesman Philip Tod, the EU is not outbreak of avian flu outbreak of avian flu. If a flu pandemic broke out, there are not enough stocks of antiviral drugs to deal with it.

At the moment, the only way a person can become infected easily is a bird. Some health experts have become infected a large part of a large part of continuous contact with an infected patient. But for the moment is human – to-human infection is not a problem. These health experts are not to infect other people. If the virus mutates, then the spread of infection from person to person would be quick.The authors reported to results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study the action from Viusid on oxidative stress and cytokine parameters in patients with CHC which was been nonresponder the previous antiviral treatment with peginterferon plus ribavirin and infecting ratings to genotype 1. Their results to show, – 2,638 to 2647 Viusid improved by reducing the lipidperoxidation products and an immunomodulatory effects on cytokine secretion via elevated production of IFN? and IL-10, reduced production of IL – 1? and stabilized TNF? Have failed secretion in patients by CHC, to previous the antiviral treat.