We are cautiously optimistic that NRU goes back online www.kamagrab.com.

On.Long-term solution still required isotopes plague deficiency hospitals and relief for patientsSNM is optimistic that the expected resumption of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited -run National Research Universal reactor in Chalk River, provide short-term relief of isotope shortage has plagued patients and the nuclear medicine for more than a year. Nevertheless, the SNM cautions that the restart of the reactor does not solve the ongoing production and supply issues caused the crisis www.kamagrab.com click here . – We are cautiously optimistic that NRU goes back online, some of the most pressing concerns to ease against nuclear medicine, said Robert W. Chairman of the the SNM Domestic Isotope Availability Working Group and former president of the society. But this is not a magic bullet, and online online again not solve this crisis. , the Canadian, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission staff are reported to have could, gaps in the assessment of the reactor have a serious impact on the reliability of operation of the reactor in the future. Other conditions, ‘s In a press conference last month at the annual meeting SNM, asked Atcher Canadian officials to help put an end to this endemic crisis once and for all Several years ago, government and industry parties in Canada , the nuclear medicine safely be MAPLE MAPLE reactors could continued availability of continued availability of Mo-99 in the U.S., he said in 2007, this project was canceled due to cost over – runs and technical problems. The American Medical Isotopes Production Act of 2009 .

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