Usually a mysterious behavior is a compulsive eating disorder.

Pica, usually a mysterious behavior is a compulsive eating disorder, in which sufferers have a constant appetite for non-nutritive substances. Bulimia is a disorder in which patients eat too much and then rinse due to a fear of gaining weight. The terms the terms ‘freedom of association and cause during pregnancy are not known, hit many cultural and physiological factors are to blame. Others believe In these cases,iron and zinc deficiency during pregnancy could be a factor. – ‘Eating disorders can cause serious erosion of tooth enamel and sensitivity, thinning, and chipping,’says Paula Jones, AGD spokesperson. ‘Dentists recognize the signs and provide patients with treatment options. ‘.

Pica can be combined with bulimia adverse impacts on the individual oral health during pregnancy and can also be difficult to diagnose and treat during these 9 months, according to a study in the May / June 2006 issue of General Dentistry, the Academy published of General Dentistry of clinical, peer-reviewed journal.Zavanelli developed laboratory techniques for the measuring the amounts and types of globin the brain tissue by the analysis of gene expression. In this way, they confirmed the species difference. & Research Centre a quick answer because this is complex biology,’said Zavanelli ‘But the techniques is straightforward and simple, making it only a question of to focus on our any questions. The big problem is sufficiently the brain tissue that in good shape is mainly discovered made wildlife. ‘.. The research hasn ‘t fully dissolved the mystery , but it is a first step, said Mary Zavanelli, lecturer for molecular, cell and developmental biology at UCSC.

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