Top Healthy Eating Tips – How to eat healthy

Consuming a diet that is both balanced and healthy is important for humans. The diet is essential to maintain good health and for feeling one’s best. According to experts, consuming a wide variety of foods while limiting the number of calories and avoiding overdoing any one nutrient is a key to healthy living. Choosing to eat right need not be difficult. To begin, consider the following healthy eating tips.


Select a Variety of Foods that are Nutrient Rich

The human body requires 40 different nutrients which no single food can supply. On a daily basis, you should select foods that include whole grain food products like bread, fruits, vegetables, proteins such as meat, fish or poultry, and dairy products. The amount of each of these foods is dependant upon one’s caloric needs. Try using a nutritional fact panel on labels as a reference.

Decrease the Sugar and Saturated Fats
While some fat is essential in all diets, it is important to be careful about the amount and type consumed. With too much saturated fat, blood cholesterolcan increase along with the risk of heart disease. Sugar provides a lot of empty calories that can lead to weight gain.

Reduce Salt

Many processed foods are high in salt. Even though a person does not add salt to his plate, it is still possible to get too much sodium. This can cause an increase in blood pressure and the chances of heart disease.

Watch Your Weight

Sex, heredity, height and age all play a part in determining the ideal weight for a person. One who is overweight or obese may develop Type II diabetes, heart disease or stroke. Those who are underweight are more likely to experience osteoporosis or menstrual irregularities. If overweight, reduce calories while increasing activity in order to lose weight.

Stay Hydrated

On the average, a human needs 1.2 liters of water daily to remain hydrated. This should be in addition to liquids in food. Although alcoholic drinks can be counted, the most important sources are water, milk and juice.

Eat Regular Meals and Moderate Portions

It is easier to eat the food you like and remain healthy by keeping the size of portions reasonable. The food pyramid guide shows recommended food serving sizes. Skipping meals can cause out-of-control hunger. While snacking can reduce hunger, snack sizes should be limited.

Reduce, Without Eliminating Certain Foods

For most people, eating brings pleasure and nutrition. If your favorites are higher in fat, salt or sugar, moderate their intake. Take time to read labels and consider recipes in order to identify foods that might cause problems.

Eating Healthy the Key to Healthy Living

The key to living a healthy life is selecting the right diet to match your activity level. Calories can be used to balance the amount of energy consumed in the form of food and energy used in both exercise and daily activities of life. Be sure to choose a large variety of foods in order to have a diet that is balanced and ensure your body gets all the needed nutrients.