There were differences between men and women

As expected, there were differences between men and women, but in general , the researchers found that the 15 established * EU countries have higher life expectancy and HLys at 50 years when the 10 ‘ newer ‘** EU countries, but with some overlap. Among men, the highest life expectancies*** 80.4 years and 80 .3 years , the lowest were 71.3 years and 71.7 years . HLys at 50 years for men were highest in Denmark and Malta and lowest in Estonia and Hungary . For women, life expectancy France France , Italy and Spain and Hungary . HLys for women at 50 years was highest in Denmark and Malta and lowest in Estonia and Hungary . In Britain, the life expectancy for men was 79.5 years and women 82, by 2010 and 50 years were HLys at 19.7 years for men and 20.8 years for women. They also found that. Only for men in all countries, the long-term unemployment with less HLys was joined at 50 years and lifelong learning was associated with more HLys at 50 years The authors say: Our discovery that would be a 1 percent increase in spending on the elderly carry a 1-year increase in HLY at 50 years in the 15 established EU countries, compared with a 13-year increase newly acceded newly acceded EU countries, draws attention to the differences between .

The trial rode cyclists exercise bikes, the monitors so that they were attached to to compete against a virtual opponent. After a morning, However, therested for six hours drinking either the protein-containing sports drink or carbohydrate version. Both formulas had the same energy content. After their six-hour rest, the athletes have another virtual cycle race. After Berardi, ‘Both groups showed a reduction in performance in the afternoon session. However, the reduction in distance traveled and power during the afternoon exercise was significantly less among those who had the protein and carbs drink, relative those who just ‘ ‘.

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