The WHOealth News: Polio in Afghanistan

The full text the analysis is available free for 90 days atAn excerpt from the original paper of Montandon et al.the WHOealth News: Polio in Afghanistan; Goosby interview, water shortages in Mexico City, Clean Water unitInter Press Service interviewed Global AIDS Coordinator Eric Goosby on his recent visit to Zimbabwe. In the Q & A addresses Goosby a variety of topics related to Africa, including PEPFAR, male circumcision as an HIV prevention tool, generic ARVs, funding shortfalls and more (Kwenda more info .

The Cutzamala DAM system, one of the main reservoirs in Mexico City is Almost half empty and still. Drops of water barriers have become routine in some of the poorest neighborhoods, According to AFPl Street Journal writes in an article examining the city water shortage. The newspaper writes that the scientists the current shortage on El Nino, an event that occurs every three to five years and raises levels rain in some regions, while dramatically reducing rainfall in others to blame.

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The new year telehealth studies examines assist like videoconferencing and electronic condition monitor may patients, elderly patients to remain in their rentals and to avoid costly hospitalizations. Two hundred high-risk patients over age 60 years of age suffering chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes and pulmonary diseases will be day use of at-home medical devices, disease-specific vital parameters such as blood pressure, peak air current of taking weight, and blood sugar.