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‘It was a big change in how Rett syndrome and other developmental disabilities and other developmental disabilities are viewed, ‘Khwaja said. ‘The synapses are very dynamic. You must be stabilized, and if they do not receive stimulus right, they will naturally disappear. Has that paradigm shift really the way that we deal with treatments, and I think it does affect a lot of more hope. ‘.

– ‘We expect Inc. Stimulates synaptic maturation serve as a model for pharmacological treatment of not only Rett syndrome, but also from other autism spectrum disorders, ‘says Omar Khwaja, the study’s principal investigator and director of the Rett Syndrome Program in the Department of Neurology at the children.. The trial, now enrollment marks the beginning of a trend toward drug treatments to try underlying underlying causes of autism spectrum disorders, rather than just behavioral problems such as anxiety or aggression.With a learning disability.. Appreciation People Now – New vision To people with learning disabilities.

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