The researchers show that PRG-1.

The researchers show that PRG-1 , the usual calming influence in the brain for proper interaction with a particular class of lipids, such as lipid phosphates, important cellular important cellular signals known dependent. The team led by Robert Nitsch the Universit? Tsmedizin led Berlin speculates that changes in lipid phosphate signaling and PRG – 1 function unrecognized unrecognized causes of epilepsy.

The findings add a new layer to our understanding of how the brain works.Our results indicate that the deletion of PRG-1 results show severe hippocampal excitability and leads to epileptic discharge in juvenile animals, the researchers wrote. This is due to a specific role of PRG-1 in the excitatory synapses on glutamatergic neurons. These data indicate a scenario for the controlled regulation of glutamatergic transmission by PRG-1, the mechanisms by bioactive lipids such as LPA and supplements the classical molecular machinery at the synapse includes conveys.This program will on level holders who are or over and or older, and undergraduate and graduate students. Each student is given a scholarship out of $ 2 Internship have responsible for its own housing and transportation.