The PQM Program serves as a primary mechanism to help

The PQM Program serves as a primary mechanism to help, the quality, safety and efficacy of medicines that are essential for USAID priority health programs. USAID is a U.S here . Government agency, economic development and humanitarian assistance around the world has to support the foreign policy objectives of the United States. Which implements the program is a nonprofit scientific organization that develops globally recognized standards for the quality of medicines. The PQM Program is currently in Asia, Africa in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The IMC was formed in 2005 under the management of the Cambodian government after figures from 2004 showed that 16.2 % of the malaria drugs from retail pharmacies were sampled outlets in the private sector of four provinces of poor quality. Identified a major obstacle in the fight against the presence the lack of coordination the lack of coordination between the different ministries. With financial and technical support of the USAID – USP, the group developed an action plan to significantly reduce the number of substandard and counterfeit medicines. A January 2010 official order to close illegal health care services, including pharmacy outlets throughout the country, was the impetus for much of the recent progress. – The resolution in such a short time on the part on the part of the Cambodian government – and an important step in ensuring the quality of life-saving medicines for patients in the country, said Richard Greene, director of USAID ‘s Office of Health, Infectious Diseases and Nutrition, Bureau for Global Health. – According to Patrick Lukulay, director of the PQM Program Given the many challenges and spotty public awareness of the dangers of poor quality medicines, this significant progress, which I am pleased that USAID – USP. PQM program was implemented in this effort – – to fight part of our broader work, the proliferation of substandard and counterfeit medicines We look forward to continuing our partnership with Cambodia to address this problem, which ultimately result in the promotion of public health. .

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