The PPVT measures receptive vocabulary and is correlated with IQ.

These were tested with the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test III and Wide Range Assessment of Visual motor skills . The PPVT measures receptive vocabulary and is correlated with IQ, while WRAVMA tests for visual motor, visual spatial, and fine motor skills. The researchers sociodemographic and environmental factors known to contribute to an infants ‘ cognitive development, including mother’s age, education, household income, marital status, parity and postpartum depression, and the child’s gender, birth weight, cognitive development. Mass index, and sleep habits. Using linear regression models, the researchers calculated offset the effects of individual factors and the independent effects of television on the cognitive development of infants. Once these factors were excluded, associations disappeared in the raw data between increased infant TV and poorer cognitive outcomes.

‘.. While the study showed that increased infant TV exposure is of no benefit to cognitive development was also found to disadvantage disadvantage. The overall impact of increased TV viewing time were neutral. Television and video content was not measured, but only to the exposed length of time. The researchers acknowledge, follow-up studies need to be performed, and they are quick to warn parents and pediatricians that the body of research evidence suggests television under the age of 2 does more harm than good. – ‘TV brought exposure in infants with an increased risk of obesity, attention disorders, and decreased quality of sleep in conjunction,’said Michael Rich, a pediatrician who heads the Center for Media and Child Health and co-author on the study and the current AAP Guidelines.About Pfizer Incestablished in the year 1849, Pfizer is of the largest research-based pharmaceutical business. Pfizer will novel approaches support for the improved health as they discovers, develops, manufactures and delivers quality, safe and effective prescription drugs to treat and to prevent diseases for people and animals. Pfizer even partner with service, more than 85,000 and churches expand around the globe to assist access to drugs and to a better quality health delivery and system of.

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