The emergence of drug-resistant TB is a major challenge in the country

In the past,The emergence of drug-resistant TB is a major challenge in the country. ‘China ranks second in the world with 112,000 resistant TB cases in 2007 to India with the 131st China spent $ 225,000 in the fight against TB in 2008, up from $ 98,000 in 2002, according to WHO here . Disregard these figures, pay out pay out of their pockets, writes usually 47 to 62 % of their hospital bills, ‘Reuters. – The article deals with Chinese scientists, the efforts to develop ‘a new class of anti-TB drugs on an old drug called clofazimine, in the past, leprosy treated is used. ‘, chief medical officer, chief medical officer of the TB Alliance, said: ‘It found is a promising lead , and we hope in the next six months it will come into formal preclinical development and the formal animal and non-human studies. Are necessary to are necessary to the regulatory authorities it can go to people ‘ are convincing.

Several factors contribute to the spread of drug-resistant TB in China, according to Lin Yan, director of the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases office in China. Patients who medication medication when they feel better, maybe after a month. Some have no money for drugs if the treatment is not free, and they do not realize this is a serious disease, said Lin. Some are so afraid of stigma they do not see a doctor, they just buy drugs over the counter. Even TB primarily affects poor people, which typically live in places where healthcare is not easily accessible, the news service reports.

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