The delivery device is a fully developed and patented system.

, for example, consists of the standard DNA backbone with an immunologically active gene specific for each virus strain – the gene cassette. The delivery device is a fully developed and patented system, called Particle Mediated Epidermal Delivery (PMed? Where gold in the vaccine in the vaccine DNA is driven into the skin using high-pressure helium. This vaccine directly on directly on cells of the immune network in the skin submitted, which stimulate immunity , this approach provides a quick way to develop vaccines that existing and new influenza strains including, for example, the threat of the emergence of of a pandemic flu virus are applied.

Previous influenza pandemics: – ‘Spanish flu’ with up to 50 million deaths worldwide.. Prehistory influenzaFlu an acute viral respiratory infection is There are many different influenza virus. There are many different subtypes or strains of influenza viruses, virus, which the proteins on the surface of the virus: the hemagglutinin or ‘HA’and the neuraminidase protein or ‘NA’protein. To date, 15 H and 9 N subtypes have been identified. – These viruses continually change over time, and every year small modifications are responsible for seasonal outbreaks or ‘epidemics ‘of influenza.It also looks with the different kinds on malaria vaccine approaches to (Doughton, – analyzed The Seattle Times, as the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation has the goal to eradicate malaria has the design of aspects of the global research .. Gates Foundation, examines how Gates Foundation, is the goal malaria eradication affects research.

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