The cocaine users lose about 3.

The researchers found that the rate of age-related gray matter volume loss in the cocaine – dependent individuals was significantly greater than in healthy volunteers. The cocaine users lose about 3.08 ml of brain volume per year, which is almost twice as high as in healthy volunteers . Accelerated age-related decline in brain volume was the strongest in the prefrontal and temporal cortex, key regions of the brain, abuse.y. Attention, decision making, and self-regulation, as well as memory.

For the study, the researchers scanned the brains of 120 people of similar age, sex and verbal IQ. Half of the people had a dependence on cocaine, while the other 60 had no history of substance abuse disorders.The 24th edition Annual World Congress of Endourology be accepted August 17 to 20 2006 at the InterContinental Hotel & MBNA Conference Center in the Cleveland Clinic campus. For further information.