The Associated Press reported.

‘The al-Shabab militant group has the the WFP – of ruining of ruining local farming by forcing Somalis to rely on imports, ‘the BBC reports (05 Reuters adds, ‘WFP has at the center of international efforts acute an addressing humanitarian crisis in the drought and conflict-torn Horn of Africa nation ‘(Wallis.. The UN World Food Programme announced on Tuesday she was forced to she was forced ‘to stop aid distribution to about 1 million people in southern Somalia because of attacks against staff and demands by remove remove the charities women from their teams, ‘the Associated Press reported.

Researchers have a ‘kind of bacteria many insects[ that] make mosquitoes resistant to viruses that can be dangerous to humans, can. Email ‘the New York Times reports identified. Reporting in the journal Cell, researchers found reported the newspaper ‘Wolbachia infection of the mosquito Aedes aegypti resistant to dengue fever, which is also known as ‘breakbone fever ‘and chikungunya, as ‘bending disease ‘ disease ‘makes. ‘this discovery could lead researchers to new ways to combat this disease .Key highlights the data: – No resistance ATC ​​has were identified over 96 weeks of dosing – CD4 counts continued grow to patient with the current handling ATC – Do not ATC – related Serious Adverse Events – No Cash outflow from due to side effects due to adverse events linked with ATC – 39 patients discontinued of the 96 weeks treatment. At week 96 were the number of patients.