Suppose three minutes to complete the test

The cost of a dipstick was estimated taking into account supply and manage labor costs by a licensed practical nurse. Suppose three minutes to complete the test, and no general and administrative expenses, was the cost of a test that Including patients retests, the price rose to $ 3 .47 per patient. A rate of one case of diagnosed chronic kidney disease per 800 screenings, the cost was $ 2997.50 per case diagnosed. ‘A screening test should be inexpensive and widely available, and a positive result should be asked timely evaluation, ‘Sekhar said. ‘Most importantly, should the early to intervention, the morbidity and / or mortality. Prevents screening urine dipstick meets the first three requirements, but not the last the final result. Remains unproven, that early detection significantly altered the course of a child that determines progress of chronic kidney disease with end-stage renal disease. Designed as an early intervention treatment for chronic kidney disease, reexamination of screening dipstick urinalyses and perhaps targeted screening of high-risk populations can be justified. ‘.

P predictions shortage of arc, beginning as early as 2034 as late as 2070 or beyond. By ecologist James Elser of Arizona State University , most people do not realize that phosphorus mined and that these mines are a limiting resource. ‘Our current use of phosphorus is not sustainable,’Elser says. Putting real numbers on predictions for ‘the biggest problem you ‘ve never heard of ‘, the creation of the ‘Sustainable P Initiative ‘at ASU the first the first concentrated efforts in the United States to the growing concerns about ‘phosphorus spurred, food and our future. Recycling measures on Earth Day, will be presented in partnership with the Arizona Science Center, to the people of Arizona to bring in the Southwest and the United States in line with the global effort in to as the as Global Phosphorus Research Initiative, led by a consortium of Swedish and Australian scientists.

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– Similar to simple digital camera can be used to a valid and positive results by using an built-in computer modifying chip in order be identified can perform a pattern recognition the program dedicated Previously El Kateeb develop static imaging means. Approach to approach was not quite remains successful because it precise production precise manufacture complete test kits as well where to mount the eyes of the imaging apparatus to the test kit as. Now, El Kateeb a dynamic a dynamic version of the instrument the this significant drawback.

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