Source: Pritzker Olsen.

‘With cases of PML on the rise to the increased use of immunosuppressive drugs to address autoimmune diseases, usere especially by the remarkable in vitro activity against JC virus observed satisfied. These data support the clinical experience of the investigator-held Emergency – INDs among immunocompromised patients and suggest another potential application for CMX001. ‘.. Source: Pritzker Olsen,Chimerix Antiviral CMX001 Inhibits JC Virus Replication In preclinical studies, presented late-breaker at antiviral Congress 2010Chimerix, a pharmaceutical company, announced the orally available antiviral therapeutics that data lead supporting the company’s Phase 2 antiviral compound CMX001 were presented today during an late-breaker session by Hans H.

In additionbeen well tolerated in all studies, with a growing body of evidence of antiviral activity of the connection in humans. CMX001 has more than 200 people, including healthy volunteers and in in placebo-controlled trials. In addition, at the request of leading physicians at over 45 medical centers in the United States, Europe and Israel, has CMX001 more than 100 patients under investigator-held Emergency Investigational New Drug Applications administered for the treatment of a broad range of life-threatening infections by dsDNA viruses for which there is either no approved treatments or where patients caused the available treatment fails.H. Biopharmaceutical Holding Starts Clinical Trials Of Sofalcone for treatment of peptic ulcers.

In a separate release, ChBP also announced today it be terminated and known all required trial results for desloratadine was coated tablets for of seasonal allergic rhinitis, as hay, the SFDA for manufacturing and marketing permit submitted ChBP. Also said that reply response from of the SFDA approval in the latter half of 2007.