Since SLE is characterized by many different pathological symptoms.

‘Since SLE is characterized by many different pathological symptoms, these genetic findings may also lead genetic tests in the future to make it possible to classify the disease in each individual case more accurately, so that the support for treatment decisions,’says Ann-Christine Syv professor of molecular medicine?.

Functional analyzes. Figure out the molecular mechanisms in SLE, leading ultimately to better drugs for the disease can.‘The method in hotels in Baltimore City and Baltimore County to achieve results. This work must continue and grown in the order to maintain Marylanders sure from tuberculosis. ‘.. By Dr. Tuberculosis cases of Maryland increase; Drop Viewed Set in Baltimore City.

At now, World Tuberculosis Day, in 1882 the American Lung Association in Maryland both Lord Baltimore and in Baltimore County for their efforts stop the spread of tuberculosis. Baltimore County TB cases are decreased than fine, on 31 cases in in 2007 20 cases in 2008. ‘Proper identification, diagnosis and treatment of TB are important for the health of patients and the public safety,’said Dana Lefko, Head of Mission Services and Advocacy to the American Lung Association in Maryland.

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