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Shionogi assessed the safety and efficacy of S-2367 once daily treatment for a population of 342 obese subjects over 20 sites in the United States. In summary, the study met its primary endpoint and showed a statistically significant effect in maintaining and continuing weight loss in these obese subjects, validating the concept and the benefits of S – 2367th A complete analysis the current study data, including secondary efficacy and metabolic parameters is underway.. Shionogi & Co. LtdShionogi & Co. Ltd today announced positive top-line efficacy results from a Phase IIa proof-of-concept trial with S-2367, an internally discovered drug candidate for obesity and associated conditions. Includes a unique mechanism of action of S-2367 block receptor binding of neuropeptide Y , a neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of energy balance and food consumption.

Using last observation carried forward in the intent-to-treat population.. Results of the studyThe top-line results from the DWR arm showed that S-2367 produced a clear and definite continuation of weight loss after the LCD, compared with 2.5 a statistically significant decrease in body weight compared to placebo in both dose groups. In addition, there was a clear dose response between the 400mg/day and 1600mg/day dose groups. Under in the 12-week treatment for LCD, subjects on the high dose of S-2367 on average by a further 2.2 kg or 2.5 percent of baseline weight, compared to no weight change for those receiving placebo lost. Including weight loss observed in the LCD period, subjects lost in the high dose group of S-2367 an average of 5.3 kg over 16 weeks, or 5.6 percent of baseline weight, compared to 2.5 kg or 2, 7 percent of baseline weight for placebo.While AZT may be own for the baby to reduce intrapartum transmission of to a certain degree, out our data indicates to with using two to three of the baby to the baby, you the transmission to half of what is are achieved with a AZT alone cut. ‘.