Seniors Defend Medicare Advantage PlansUSA Today reports that Medicare Advantage

Seniors Defend Medicare Advantage PlansUSA Today reports that Medicare Advantage, the elderly may be Medicare coverage purchase by private insurance companies, could offer one of the biggest spending cuts for Congress for an overhaul of the healthcare system to pay, though ‘President Obama has called a ‘wasteful’subsidy for the health insurance industry debate on Medicare Advantage, enrollees enrollees. Approximately one fifth of all Medicare participants – illustrates a broader struggle Congress and Obama face as they look for ways to make a $ overhaul 1000000000000 of health care of health care without raising taxes to pay for the middle class or compromising care, it has concerns with some seniors, who pay more for the program or to enroll could raised in regular Medicare instead of ‘.

Isth Policy Report summarizes the research results in the breast, ovaryThe following summary of recent articles on breast and ovarian cancer research.~ Breast Cancer: For the first time, a large international breast cancer study to assess the efficacy of radiation therapy after mastectomy determine 200 Chinese women, the New York Times reports belong. Asian women traditionally had relatively low risk of breast cancer. However, this trend is reversed in China, where breast cancer is on the rise because of rapid urbanization, pollution and diet changes. Moreover, could China’s one-child policy, contribute to the trend, as breast cancer is less common in women with several children. Ian Ian Kunkler, a professor at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre, that although pharmaceutical companies have done clinical trials of chemotherapy in China, ‘no patient in China has recruited recruited in a randomized controlled trial of breast cancer radiation therapy. ‘Kunkler the study with a total of about 3,700 participants from Australia, the UK and other parts of Europe, Japan and Singapore (Caryn Rabin, New York Times.

The event was hired by the G8 discussions on future demands in agriculture will to constructional actions to make their newly the future. Decades later of the backward agricultural investment be GCARD of strengthening are trying and use use of agricultural research to fulfill the enormous challenges the doubling of supplies of food into the next 40 years, lifted a billion people out of poverty and hunger, and that in such a way the are environmentally sound. Seeks The conference aims, the following issues crucial for the future agricultural address:.

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