Results from follow-up studies into the research is important.

Implications for olderPijpers ‘ research opens up new possibilities for further research on the role of the cerebellum in the control of movements. Results from follow-up studies into the research is important, how older people in motion. For example, the increased risk of falls in older people is physical physical limitations. After Pijpers this could also be a connection with cerebellar function as reducing certain parts of the cerebellum, as we look older.

Angelique Pijpers ‘ research was funded by NWO.###For more information, please contact:* Dr. Angelique Pijpers * The dissertation was on 10 January 2007* Supervisor Prof. CI defends de Zeeuw* Associate Supervisor Dr RuigrokContact: believe HPV vaccine should their agreement requiresA survey that the majority of adults in the United States in support of legislation, to allow the young people to receive medical care for sexually transmitted infections without parental consent. However, most parents wanted the final say as to whether their child has been vaccinated against the human papillomavirus .In many cases, the risk factors of vascular cognitive impairment is the same as for stroke , including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and abnormalities in heart rhythm.