Researchers used it around 102 by 102 stroke and TIA survivors click to follow.

The ankle-brachial index compares the blood flow in the ankle and the arm to be poor circulation caused by fatty plaque buildup in the lower body. Researchers used it around 102 by 102 stroke and TIA survivors click to follow . The researchers found that 26 % of the survivors had asymptomatic PAD, and they had three times more subsequent cardiovascular events – stroke, heart attack or death – in the next two years compared to those without PAD. Fifty % with asymptomatic PAD suffered subsequent events, compared to 16 % of people without the disease. In addition, PAD was significantly associated with future vascular events, especially stroke.

This is one of the first studies to find an independent positive association between asymptomatic PAD and cardiovascular events among stroke and TIA patients, the researchers said.

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The British microcirculatory Society has a membership of than 250 scientists and clinicians with interest in circulation of blood and another tissue liquid in smaller vessels.