Recently in the journal Addiction published see more.

Recently in the journal Addiction published, examined Springfield paper the results of 2,233 smokers in 10 studies from 1991 to 2007 see more .the study showed that women whose treatment addressed smoking and weight control 29 % more likely to quit smoking in the short term and in in the long-term than those whose treatment addressed only smoking. Whose treatment included smoking and weight control also gained less weight than those whose treatment included only smoking. They gained an average of 2.1 kg less in the short term and 2.5 kilo to less long term.

Further studies are also necessary to offer longer-term interventions for weight loss and smoking cessation. The literature on weight control shows patients lose the benefit when they stop treatment, Spring pointed out. We are in the right ball park, we just need to refine our pitch, she said.

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