Particularly in the area of oncology.

About KosanKosan Biosciences is a biotechnology company ahead two new classes of anticancer agents through clinical development – Hsp90 inhibitors and epothilones. Kosan uses its proprietary platform to generate a pipeline of potentially significant product candidates, particularly in the area of oncology.

The results show that men go through different stages of adaptation in a row, according to after her diagnosis, and that their daily lives are different what stage they are those with less severe prostate cancer find themselves involved in an emotional vacuum immediately after receiving the diagnosis. During this phase which usually lasts about a week, it is pointless For these men for the medical staff, the men. Information about their disease But she appreciates positive reception without pity at this early stage and of course, if they choose to get in touch to get in touch and to do a couple of questions, it is important to respond and say, turn where you with diffrent thoughts do can. .In this genomic-wide study the team used a multidisciplinary ensure correct identification novel genetic variants in the formation of of platelets and most importantly, the function of genes close to this variants is defined with a set of biological analysis.

Tropomyosin 1, a member of a family of genes is already known to be involved in the regulation of muscle contraction and plays a role in the an inherited form of heart disease, These study indicated a new role for this the known protein into platelet production.