Opened with a message of good wishes from Stefano Manservisi.

Some preliminary assumptions of this at the hearing on at the meeting of industry consortium and discussed with the African stakeholders.. Opened with a message of good wishes from Stefano Manservisi, EC Director General of Development sent the meeting at the Conference Centre Borschette was held. An analysis of the costs and benefits of the implementation of a satellite-based network of telemedicine for each country / region by the European by the European :: – The TTF for sub-Saharan Africa activities are complemented by the following studies EDF) a study of a system architecture and the associated costs, a satellite based network of telemedicine at country / region / pan – African level financed by the ESA.

To this end, a task force called Telemedicine Task Force for sub-Saharan Africa and the relevant African organizations, the World Health Organization , the European Commission and ESA ‘s reach to set up a framework to appropriate appropriate measures for a telemedicine program in the sub-Saharan African region and to support the definition of a cost-benefit study the relevance of a the relevance of a pan-African network for telemedicine.44 – year-old Elizabethtown Ogg from West Sussex said develops rheumatoid arthritis according about 6 years ago of birth the birth of her son, Elizabeth, who has worked as a management consultant, said: ‘It was scary, though I increasingly began in an unbearable pain in my arms and legs, mother forced me my health instantly see – my father RA , and she knew possible symptoms. Also in the I private health care by my work, it took more than 6 months correct diagnosis and treatment proper diagnosis and treatment. ‘.