One of ten children under the age of six is obese check this web-site.

In the UK, one of ten children under the age of six is obese, according to to the Department of Health National Child Measurement Programme 2007/08 check this web-site .

The researchers reached their conclusions by conducting a genome-wide association study of 1,380 Europeans with early-onset obesity in children and adult morbid obesity and 1416-matched normal weight controls. The study revealed 38 genetic markers with a strong association to a higher than normal body mass index, the researchers evaluated in 14,186 Europeans, identifying three mutations to obesity. Linked to obesity.

Provided by Special Committee on Aging Senator Herb Kohl,It is important that the attraction Smoking, doctors sayBMA Scotland has warned that that kids who few years years of nicotinism smoke lead to life – threatening diseases and premature mortality. The association also called MSPs who support the proposals in the Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill to contains minimize children’s exposure to tobacco products.

Insights the Scottish school Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey publishes day to show, even though it former illegal to sell of cigarettes to children under the the age of 18, 42 percent of 13 years regular smoker and 57 percent of fifteen years regularly smokers reported purchase cigarettes from a store and 13 percent of 13 year regular smokers and 10 percent the 15 years regularly smoke from a machine.