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There are more than 300 pharmacies Vantage Health Watch offer throughout the country took place in small villages in the big cities.

Coronary heart disease is largely preventable through a healthy lifestyle and effective management of high blood pressure and cholesterol.The British Heart Foundation says that despite recent improvements, CHD remains the leading killer of men and women in the UK, and that the national death rate from CHD is still the highest in the Western world. – Ajit says: We now provide blood pressure monitoring services to a wide group of patients, e-mail well and also those concerned with a family history of heart disease, the elderly and people on blood pressure medications, .On the MDUThe MDU is a reciprocal, does not to profit organization from our members who have over 50 % of the British hospital doctors and family doctors in possession. Founder in the year 1885, we stayed which world’s first medical defense organization. We are defending the professional reputations are riding our members when their clinical performance is challenged. We advantages of membership include insurance to claim from clinical negligence and a broad range of medical-legal advice.

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