Not only has PSN0041 shown effects in several preclinical tests of depression check more information.

PSN0041, a peptide from proprietary polypeptide hormone amylin library PHORMOL having having utility in depression after screening in proprietary PsychoGenics ‘ Drug Discovery Technologies. Not only has PSN0041 shown effects in several preclinical tests of depression, but also in pre-clinical tests of anxiety check more information . The peptide has. Several expected advantages over current antidepressants, including cognitive enhancement, weight loss, lack of sexual side effects and improved safety and side effect profile Psylin primary goal is to PSN0041 fast forward through early clinical development. The selection of PSN0041 as a clinical candidate for depression is an important milestone for Psylin We believe mission is to confirmed PSN0041 the benefits of peptides in this therapeutic arena, said Mark Gergen, Co-CEO of Psylin and Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Amylin. It also supports Amylin belief that value of PHORMOL in areas outside of Amylin emphasis core business on diabetes and obesity be derived be derived .

Psylin Neurosciences begins with development of the compound for depressionPsylin Neurosciences Inc., a joint venture biotechnology company spun out of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, and PsychoGenics it IND – enabling the development of a novel compound, initiated PSN0041, for the treatment of depression.

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