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ASCP two possible alternative, approved formulations, morphine and morphine 20mg/5ml 10mg/5ml are deliveries be reappointed, and most long-term care pharmacies report difficulties in obtaining sufficient quantities. ‘Even if an adequate supply of approved alternatives could be secured, switching elderly and dying patients to the less concentrated formulations delays treatment and serious health risks ‘, ASC, Director of Policy and Advocacy Claudia Schlosberg says in the letter. ‘Obtaining a prescription for an alternative product may be a day or more, since most of the doctors, the nursing home and hospice patients not cited in the plant on a daily basis? And patients may needlessly suffer pain and the plant can by government poll will will provide for lack of pharmaceutical services to meet the needs of each resident.1 ‘?.

About chondroitin is no better than placebo for joint pain says new study,A new European study concludes that the popular dietary supplement chondroitin is no better than a placebo in preventing or reducing joint pain in people with osteoarthritis.The results are published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. Scientists from universities in Bern in Switzerland, Bristol in the UK and G ttingen in Germany, summarized data from 20 trials comparing the effect of chondroitin with either placebo or no treatment in patients with hip or knee osteoarthritis.Merck presented which BLAC for ZOSTAVAX is with the FDA on 25th April 2005. The Company filed additional applications for approval ZOSTAVAX is in other key markets, including the European Union and Australia.