More than 10 million adults consult their GP each year with arthritis and related disorders.

Conditions for health and social care 5, Study co-author Professor Anthony Jones said: One could argue that if a therapy works, then why should we care how it works, but it may be surprising to learn that the mechanisms of action of many current therapies largely unknown? ,, a fact that of new therapies. Of new therapies. Understanding how meditation works would contribute to this method of treatment and help with the development of new therapies. There may also be some types of patients with chronic pain who benefit more from meditation – based therapies than others to find out if define the mechanism of define the mechanism of action of meditation for reducing pain, we may be able to screen patients in the future for deficiencies in that mechanism, so that we address the treatment of these people..

He said: ‘The results confirm the study, In the UK might affect the brain Meditation trains the brain to be more present-focused and therefore spend less time anticipating future negative events This may be why meditation is effective. Reduce the recurrence of depression, which makes chronic pain considerably worse. ‘.This study is the important role that nurses scientist not only to not only help into the during a during a much stressful period in their lives indicates to deal with, but also to contribute to the family budget long-term improving quality of life and well-being, of Columbia University, Grady, the manager of the National Institute of Nursing Research. Source: Dean.