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Mammography is the the best method to detect breast cancer early. Studies show that women aged 50-69 to attend the breast screening die their risk of developing breast cancer by about 35 percent reduction. 4 Mammography screening and and diagnosis according to the recommendations of the European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Breast Cancer Screening When done properly, it saves the lives of women, healthy lifestyle and the disease through healthy lifestyle and. Detect them as early as possible if it is in every country in Europe not occur, said Susan Knox, Executive Director.

– Adam Pick hvsseo gmail.comauthors bio Adam Pick being a duplicate, a heart valve patient and author Guide To Heart Valve Surgery Patients an unique book that posted the integration of clinical Facts where heart valve with personal experiences of 78 old valve surgical patients that suffered from by stenosis, mitral valve prolapse and any other valve disorders. On about Adam and his The heart valve book.