Members of the public and stakeholder organizations three-month three-month consultation click to see full text.

More than 3,000 nurses, members of the public and stakeholder organizations three-month three-month consultation.The consultation asked what nursing education should look like in the future, explore principles such as whether nurses should be generalists or specialists, if they are graduate, and how much of their training in the community in the community. It also saw how new nurses should support after they qualify to be the first click to see full text . While responses varied, the overall was hearing it. More support for the gradual modernization rather than a radical change – Director of Standards Registration and Assistant Registrar, Kathy George said: nurses nurses training roadshows in the UK, and they all agree that this is a huge undertaking and, on September 4the New. Framework will effectively change the way tomorrow’s nurses practice, so the NMC this right for this right the first time. .

Ensuring that our future nurse get the best training and education will help them to the high standards they achieve expected so I am grateful for all nurses, who participated, ture changes.ork and look advancing to working with. The profession forward along with future changes. .

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