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Lowpatients with diabetes, low – Glycemic Diet Shows greater improvement in glycemic control than high – Fiber Dietpeople with type 2 diabetes who had a diet high in low – glycemic foods such as nuts, beans and lentils greater improvement in glycemic control and control of risk factors for coronary heart disease than persons on a diet with an emphasis on high – cereal fiber, according to a study in the 17th December issue of JAMA..

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Only three departments nationwide HIV tests provide under an anonymous rapidly testing kit pilot program. Default HIV Blood tests are generally carried out analyzes analyzed only from approved laboratories after Today. Despite rapid – test kits , which lasts about $ 50 for around each cost and 20 minutes, clinics clinics, anonymous tests only on the three clinics. On the pilot program provided.. In Singapore Health Ministry announced that it has is planning to expand the use of rapid HIV test sets number of hospitals the country, in Singapore Today was tells.