In this case series.

In this case series, the first five patients presented the new approach for RALP. The results in three patients after two unsuccessful attempts summarized. No perioperative major complication was recorded. The anatomical reasons for better results compared with traditional RALP is strong, but well-designed studies are needed to evaluate the benefits of this technology.

A three-arm da Vinci robot was used.

The purpose of the study demonstrate the feasibility demonstrate the feasibility of this new, pure intrafascial approach. The new approach for RALP through the Douglas space, following a completely intrafascial aircraft without disassembly of the the front compartment, the neurovascular bundles, Aphrodite veil, endopelvic fascia, the Santorini plexus pubourethral belts and all the structures containing presumably a role to play in maintaining the continence and potency.Over Shionogi willShionogi & Co. Ltd. Is one of Japan largest research-based drug companies. The company has developed, manufactures, distributes, imports and exports Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products. Shionogi & the objective innovative medications which to deliver contribute positively to health world.

All analyzes were performed. Including last observation carried forward on the intent-to-treat population.. Results of this studyThe top-line results in the PWR arm shown in that S-2367 produces a clear and distinct continue loss of weight according to the LCD, the intent-to a statistically significant reductions in body weight as compared to placebo for both dose of group. In addition, there was a clear dose response between said 400mg/day and 1600mg/day dose groups.