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Health education is required. Communities to the risks associated with traditional burial to inform practice. WHO – CLICK HERE and then scroll down to see the map.. Marburg virus disease occurs very rarely and appears to be geographically confined to a small number of countries in the southern part of the African continent. If events occur, the disease has epidemic potential, as it can spread from person to person, most often during the care of patients. For this reason, strict measures to control the infection during the processing during the processing of cases.

1980, two cases, one of which was fatal, occurred in Kenya. In 1987 there was a further single case, which was fatal in Kenya.The largest outbreak on record, which occurred from late 1998 to late 2000 in the DRC involved, 149 cases, of which 123 were fatal. The outbreak was initially concentrated in workers at a gold mine in Durba.6 million people. Mutations Leads To discovery of novel breakthrough in understanding the Cause Of Bile Duct Cancer.

One team of international scientists did a major breakthrough in understanding of the cause of bile duct cancer, a deadly type of liver cancer. By the identification several new genes mutates at frequent bile duct cancer must be based paving the way for a better understanding of how to develop biliary tract Krebs. Her discovery be published online in Nature Genetics.