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– A more recent theory, however, suggests that social systems – including ‘positive ‘behaviors such as cooperation and interdependence – stands as a kind of group defense mechanism against predators have emerged. February: – The ‘social living prey ‘hypothesis will to be the focus of a symposium entitled ‘The origin and nature of human sociality, the Hunted Man ‘be. With two prominent primate researchers from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the symposium is an event of the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on February 16 to 20.. – to the emergence of social behaviorResearchers have long reflected on this fascinating evolutionary questions: What led to the emergence of social behavior? Following observations of primates, our closest evolutionary relatives, many scholars social alliances social alliances can act as a means of avoiding competition for resources or colleagues have developed.Economics analysis shows brain imaging research by mistake Save Lives.

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