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~ groups despite loss to family planning, women success See the stimulus Lindsay Beyer stone, RH Reality Check: Women’s rights stakeholders with their new political clout with the Obama administration to make the $ 825,000 economic Stimulus Package and appear to have much on from what they wanted to have in terms the health care and education, writes Beyer stone http://doxycyclinehyclate.biz more info . Under-funding first major test of the relationship between women interest groups and the Obama administration came on Wednesday when home announced Democrats, the removal of the family planning provision from the stimulus package after Obama personal appeal for its removal writes Beyer stone by the decision was a blow to the reproductive rights groups such as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. The access to the new president and his top advisers is feminist groups have hitherto enjoyed a change from the last eight years, but only time will tell the extent of their influence, Beyer Stein writes (Beyer Stone, RH Reality Check.

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