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IOPtima believes that its innovative new OT134 system offer significant advantages over conventional therapies for glaucoma, such as simplicity, higher efficiency, lower risks for the patient, fewer side effects and lower costs. The availability of a surgical procedure is expected of surgical procedures. Increase the number of surgical procedures.The Annual General Meeting is expected advising the draft law continue.. GWHAN Advocates Call For arcade In Philippines the reproductive health Bill.

Recently, in the hope of developing national policies for reproductive health to curb the distribution of HIV in the Philippines, which girls, women and HIV / AIDS Network Guide the called the passage of a reproductive health services invoice in the House of Representatives, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported. During the last General Meeting on 26 October, said GWHAN lawmakers that their responsibility of as pioneers and leaders HIV representation support for their support for passage of reproductive health services bill and beyond organized group and networks support its booth immediate adoption.

Fifty – of seven new HIV case been reported in in the Philippines in September, so. The total 395 of new cases in this year said in a statement said in a statement: ‘This alarming statistical supported the call for immediate passage of reproductive health account then advice in the Haus der representative ‘and added: ‘also, the widespread desinformation, of the Philippines increased efforts to demonize the use of condoms need exact dates may be rebutted. ‘After Inquirer, against the Catholic Church in the Philippines, the accounts (Philippine Daily Inquirer.. GWHAN said lawmakers that the land in need of an domestic reproductive health policy because of the growing in HIV cases, One. Stop national politics according GWHAN Chair Marlon Lacsamana, would be the man in the country which ‘demonization ‘condom use.