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for example, one of the genes identified in the production of adhesion molecules, which controls vital for keeping connections between individual neurons, is is. Smokers whose nerve cells connections can not be right prone to addiction and can provide a harder time leaving. Findings open up new findings open up new possibilities in the search for specific targets for treatment. .

Their addiction. .. Gene Found for successful smoking cessationDoctors can a few days , a new tool for the adaptation of smoking cessation treatments a patient’s individual genetic makeup.Researchers from Duke University Medical Center or the National Institute on Drug Abuse found scanned the entire genome and the genome of smokers and that variants in 221 genes distinguished smokers who quit successfully by those who were not. The long-term hope is that identifying these genetic variables in smokers will help us determine what kind of treatment would be most effective, said Jed Rose, director of the Duke Center for Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Research.‘The aim of appointment is ambitious: In the practices of of Krebs disease we are revolutionizing wish to in medicine. The direction of of a prior approach , preventive and customized health care medical care, ‘said George Poste, manager of the Biodesign Institute.

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