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Also, despite the aging of the population, the number of geriatric beds has fallen dramatically. Jenny Randerson said: These statistics paint a pretty clear picture of the nature of the NHS since asset more than ten years of a Labour government stripped the total number of beds is by to year and to year, and the latest figures show this trend continues It is clear for all to see that the effect of of the lack of beds is more delayed transfers of care. 3.2 per cent to wait the domino effect of A+ E A+ E, which means that the ambulances queues outside hospitals and put the whole NHS begins clogged up. The NHS is in the wrong direction, it ‘s all very well having free prescriptions for millionaires, but numbers like these show the real cost of the Labour-Plaid Government takes to the treatment not only treated if it enough for beds.

Years the number is managed in bed Displays NHS in the wrong direction – Randerson, WalesCommenting after the release of figures showing a decline in the number of NHS beds last year, Welsh Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman Jenny Randerson AM has claimed that the NHS in the wrong direction. Last year, the total number of NHS beds has nearly 2 percent almost 2 percent, while the number of beds in acute specialties has by 3.2 percent by 3.2 percent.The test it on Trovit by to form a potential technique for predicting susceptibility to stressed, identify either during or after traumatic experience. The results this study are publish in the December 2011 edition of General Psychiatry. Activity.