During her 41 day stay in the the hospital three times in puja was to purify wounds.

During her 41 – day stay in the the hospital three times in puja was to purify wounds, a process that anaesthetise the patient includes taken. ‘During the procedure, doctors removed a lot of dead tissue and muscle from the wound area. Tissue itself tissue itself, many toxins in the body and it is very difficult to keep infections at bay ‘makes Goregaonkar added., said a family friend. ‘her sudden death on 3 August has left us shocked, ‘she added, according to doctors, when puja was hospitalized the wounds were dirty, what happens in most cases, train wreck.

Cases in which cases where ARDS has set in, patients rarely succeed to fight back the lungs collapse completely, ‘he said. Puja died three days after they met in the third cleaning and dressing process, said relatives. ‘She had blood loss suffered and lost both his legs in such cases the upper – amputation, most patients succumb within 48 to 72 hours, however, she showed signs of improvement, cases, their wounds with grease, oil and dirt were contaminated, ‘said Dr. Arvind Goregaonkar, head of the orthopedic department.. Puja for the third after the third cleaning and dressing session. ‘We still have it moved to the intensive care unit, observation observation. They showed no signs of respiratory distress, ‘Goregaonkar said.J. Be treated as a public health problem ‘in the Responding to these problems. Another Mexican law, which went into effect February and requires local and federal authorities to curb violence against women ‘is an important step towards the protection on female being written by life ‘Chelala, adding that the ‘question is in Mexico around the world, whether the will exists to to implement the law ‘(Chelala, Philadelphia Inquirer.