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Convincing offers from providers of Google, Microsoft and WebMD among several insurers and employers have sparked buzz PHR last year click to follow . But for the average consumer is not motivated by a serious illness, significant barriers such as privacy concerns, misunderstandings and doubts phr efficiency hinder acceptance. – Despite the rapidly increasing range of PHR platforms, consumer adoption of PHR unlikely significant growth in the absence of Healing show involvement, said Erika S. Fishman, director of research at Manhattan Research. Awareness-raisingd awareness-raising will be vital not in defining the need for a PHR in the minds of American consumers.0 has on 3rd Quarter of 2008 at 8,714 U.S. Adults . This consumer market research and strategic consulting focuses on, provides high – use new media and technology for health and its impact on treatment and product decisions. For topics and available therapeutic segmentations , visit.

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