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Anybody could seek low. ‘U.S. Pledge – However, Eric Goosby, head of AIDS official in the Obama administration, said: ‘We are proud of the promise,’adding that securing approval of a three-year donation ‘to swim the stream’because the U.S. Is a one budget cycle (New York Times, Goosby also said that performs major reforms, such as operations work are necessary to ‘ensure that smart, effective investments that are made ‘(Reuters.. Donations criticizedSome HIV / AIDS advocates expressed frustration with the fundraising levels and the U.S. Contribution to the fund, the Times reports. The U.S. Is a AIDS Alliance Executive Director Paul Zeitz said: ‘This is a modest course correction, not what we are in terms of U.S. Leadership in the hope. ‘added that added that ‘took the other donors off the hook.

York City, where from the other donors Short targets for AIDS Fund fall on Tuesday pledged $ 11700000000 donors to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the group missed with the lowest fundraising target of $ 13 billion and proposes more challenges for the global fight against HIV / AIDS, the New York Times reports. The three-year commitments from 40 countries at the end a two-day conference of the United Nations in New York City, where the fund hoped on raise as much as $ 20,000 to the epidemic .With digestion.This may be indicate food in the intestines before they completely decomposed, the triggering of an attack.

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