Conducted by researchers at Northwestern University in the U

The study, conducted by researchers at Northwestern University in the U.S here . And the University of Edinburgh, was looking for ways in which the brains of people with Fragile X differ from those of healthy people to identify.

Study Fragile X Syndrome – a genetic disorder these known cause known cause of autism – has discovered that critical phases in the development of the brain in people with the the wrong time the wrong time. The mistiming of key developmental stages may result in inappropriate communication between brain cells and could be the symptoms of Fragile X patients, cause experienced how hypersensitivity to touch and sound, as well as social withdrawal, hyperactivity and anxiety -.

HHT, Osier Osler weavers Rendu, is a genetic disorder caused by a malformation of small blood vessels. This state presents itself as small red and purple blister packs-like spots for which his nose and mouth and limb, such as which lips, ears and fingers. That important symptom is recurrent severe epistaxis affecting 50-80 % of patients. Those nosebleeds may occur several times each day, Ago when to hours many requires Frequently Tours the emergency room. For many, repeat blood transfusions a way of life.

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Retired driver jacket Sardisco is one of the patients who have innovative drugs new drugs – Davidson lasers treatment. Years ago, when I was an Air Force driver, I have blood in my oxygen masks for flights Be I realized writing the epistaxis for changes into cabin pressurisation, ‘said Sardisco. Radiographs I was conscious that my father and uncle had had frequent nosebleeds in, do not connection that I suffer from by a genetic disease. ‘.