Children with autism are not necessarily the kind of emotional cues that we know how to read.

The ability to accurately monitor a child’s emotional state is particularly important say in the treatment of ASD, Stone:.’Children with autism are not necessarily the kind of emotional cues that we know how to read, they are not necessarily good reporters of their. Inner feelings. If we know basketball, always excited or anxious, then we can help the child. Identify own emotional state and implement strategies for monitoring and control It is a concrete way your your own feelings. ‘.

A battery of physiological sensors were connected to the participants and they. Play two games. One was the computer game Pong. The other was a variant of the tire and with Nerf basketball backboard at the end of a robotic arm which moves it back and forth or up and down. Students Changchun Liu and Karla Conn participated in the studies.. This autumn published Sarkar and Stone papers papers in the IEEE Transactions on Robotics and the International Journal of Human – Computer Studies, the results of the the results of the first set of experiments children ages conducted with six children aged 13 to 16 who had been diagnosed with ASD.Dr. Altawil significant suffering on significant suffering and tragic seen in his native country in his research, As a result a regular boyhood of Palestine has in the present circumstances and in the future little psychological well-being of the Palestinian children is at risk of been compromised through ongoing traumatic experiences of. – I am also a Palestine Kids and neither of us had a childhood, he said. We were all born adults are and of our childhood is stolen from us from the eyes of the free world. – As a result, Dr Altawil the research at the University of Hertfordshire, his was a charity of a charity called of Palestine Trauma Center for Victims Welfare Act to, him be completing a project that application of his research in developing / adaptation of family therapy approach..