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By Leigh Tenkku, an assistant professor of Family and Community Medicine, St. Louis University, while the effects of FASD is long life, there are currently very few support systems in place to help these individuals and their families as they get older. – ‘The brains of people with FASD not fully developed, thus affecting their ability to deal with emotions, solve problems and take up social signals ‘Tenkku said click to see full text . ‘As they get older, Instead problems to keep their ability to find a job, their relationships and their parenting skills. ‘.

About the study: During the early years of the Partners for Success study, researchers at Saint Louis University several community partners several community partners, including the Family Support Network. Design the program.

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Fletcher, Brigham and Women Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Brian P. Lerner Research Institute and Taussig Cancer Centre, hotels in Cleveland, and Stefan Duensing, and other researchers from UPCI and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

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