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Target Ovarian Cancer is closely working with other cancer organizations and the Department of Health. Working with the National Cancer Intelligence Network and the National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative will help to the DoH of the DoH Cancer Reform Strategy kojbox.com click here . Figures from the Office of National Statistics published in March 2009 found that five year survival rate was improved for most common female cancers in England, but not for ovarian cancer. In fact, based on the mortality to incidence ratio, the outlook for patients with ovarian cancer darkest darkest of all. UK survival rates for ovarian cancer are the worst in Europe and remained largely unchanged for 30 years, long-term study rates for breast cancer, 50 percent have increased to 80 percent and the latest relative survival figures for England show that 66 percent of diagnosed with diagnosed with cervical cancer from 2000 to 2001 five years later . The Pathfinder study is the most ambitious study of its kind ever created in the experiences of women with ovarian cancer in the UK, ovarian cancer diagnosis, treatment and research to life. Chaired by Professor Robert Haward, Emeritus Professor of Cancer Studies, University of Leeds and Associate Director, National Cancer Research Network wants the Pathfinder Study a robust a robust evidence base for improvements in the care and treatment of women with ovarian cancer. Thousands of women with ovarian cancer, nurses, gynecologic oncologists, researchers, surgeons, specializing in gynecological oncology and invited to invited to participate in the ongoing long-term study in the coming years. (Details of the Pathfinder Study Panel in full.

Target Ovarian Cancer is with November in at an event chaired by his patron, Sir Kenneth Calman, chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute and former chief medical officer started. The charity aims to cooperate in the field of ovarian cancer to fight the low 30 percent survival rate in the UK ovarian cancer . Thirty years ago, the survival rate for breast cancer was 50 percent, but now it’s closer to 80 percent.

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