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Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital broaden understanding of dementiaOur news reporters received a quote from the research of Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, ‘White matter hyperintensities on brain MRI were evaluated visually and classified as deep or periventricular WMHS. In NC group, educational (? but not age (was? markedly to MoCA relationship. But while we added the the AD patients with less than 6 years of education, the impact of education disappeared, as compared to those of 7 years of training. For all levels of education, the cutoff value of MoCA for very mild AD 22/23 was (sensitivity= 82, specificity= 87, were no significant differences are found in the areas under the curves, that differentiated NC from AD patients for MoCA and MMSE (difference= 0, or for MoCA and CASI (difference= 0, Total WMHS, deep frontal and periventricular WMHS were inversely correlated with the attention and delayed recall subdomain.

After the news editors, the researchers concluded: ‘The correlation between the executive makes subdomains with the frontal WMHS is also a useful tool for recognizing subtle WMHS. ‘.‘In our Phase I trial, there are two response in ovarian patient after previous prior cis – and of carboplatin therapy relapsed In view of this promising the early results ProLindac we are now eager to see what the response be will are in a larger study at a time II dose, ‘said Rosemary Mazanet disc, CEO of Access. Mazanet continued, ‘Since Phase II was open-label in style, the undertaking able to University of California to see scores before the end of this year. ‘.. ACCESS PHARMACEUTICALS, INC. announced today the start of the first company-sponsored a Phase II clinical degree on ProLindac , a new DACH of platinum -polymer prodrug of. Which study will be conducted in Europe. In ovarian cancer patients who were primarily platinum therapy to reoffend First patient dosed with the study medication of France.