But experts believe that because these outbreaks come in cycles.

– ‘While bird flu and human flu viruses circulate in the environment, there are the ingredients for a pandemic or when the next pandemic occurs, we will be able to respond properly only if we prepare properly,’said WHO General Lee Jong-wook. Therefore, the efforts to highly pathogenic avian influenza in chickens control seems to have some success in Thailand, Vietnam, China and elsewhere reinforce current outbreaks of historical experience, that the elimination of the virus will probably take years..

During this time, a random mutation of the virus or a combination of avian influenza with human influenza could be a burden that moves easily from person to person and produces high mortality to produce such a random event at any time at any time.It is unacceptable that, five years said count this census Schwarz coarse grossly to-represented in fixed stations on and there has been no real progress in reducing the number. Which people is did to mixed gender station In a few regions of the country to address these issues address these issues, but the large image showing a fundamental failure deal with problems.