Barnea said he developed the idea that the EUREKA award click to see all.

The study Barnea and his lab plan several strains of mice in which specific types dopamine receptors dopamine receptors will develop click to see all more info .Barnea said he developed the idea that the EUREKA award, his emphasis on understanding how the brain out the information from the nose to perceive odors analyzed.To do this, Barnea has developed a new system for labeling neural circuits across synapses in the brain. Some elements of the system, he said, could be reconfigured and modified to address the newer question about dopamine receptors and other GPCRs.

The long-term effects of Barnea success even greater. Neurotransmitters. Belonging to the family of G-protein-coupled receptors , which variety of stimuli variety of stimuli including various hormones and neurotransmitters. Because of their pivotal role in controlling a variety of physiological signals, GPCRs are common targets for pharmaceutical treatments, including treatments for psychiatric disorders, high blood pressure, allergies, peptidic ulcers and certain cancers. Barnea believes that the method developed once and developed once and proved, applied to other types of GPCRs. If so, have the concept cold a broad impact on both the understanding of the physiology of these receptors, and on the development and testing of specific therapeutics for a variety of diseases, all. With fewer side effects.

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