As of Monday is Haiti Parliament no longer exists as a legislative body.

‘As of Monday is Haiti Parliament no longer exists as a legislative body, kick start the mandate of the entire lower Chamber of Deputies and one-third or 10 senators would have ended – that the passage of critical legislation, ‘the newspaper last week said Preval. ‘I understand we are in a difficult situation where people are not about. To think, but it is also clear that continuing the democratic process ” He continued, ‘We can not leave the country without a parliament, we can not leave the country without the mayor We can not leave the country without. A President ”.

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The Z -Tech scanning functions by one flower-shaped arrangement of the electrodes about of each breast and send a tiny and painless electricity through it. In contrast to traditional mammography, the scan is is not with chest compression or radiation. ‘It’s like this being an EKG chest,’Craft say.